Preparing For Your Mammogram

Tips for a successful screening


  • Do not wear deodorant or powders under your arms on the day of your mammogram (these can mimic calcifications of your images)


  • Avoid using powders, lotions, creams or perfumes under your breasts for one week prior to your mammogram (metallic particles in powders and lotions could be visible on your mammogram and cause confusion)

  • Avoid caffeine three days prior to your exam (this will help your breasts be less tender)


  • In order to receive the most optimal study, you will be asked about any symptoms, medication and medical treatments that you have had on your breasts


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Our mobile mammography coach only offers routine screening mammograms for women without current breast problems. If under 40, then a doctor's order is required for a screening mammogram. Ages 40+ do not require a doctor's order. If you currently have concerns regarding your breast health (i.e. a lump you can feel, nipple discharge, pain, dimpling of the breast or nipple changes) please contact your physician immediately.

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