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Driven To Defeat Breast Cancer

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Learn about 3D mammograms

1 in 8 women are diagnosed

with breast cancer in their lifetime

3D screening is the best way to ensure a more accurate reading. Think of a loaf of bread receiving a standard mammography image would be taken from the top of the loaf and another from its side. Thereby, only allowing the radiologist to examine its exterior.

2D Mammogram Diagram
3D Mammogram Diagram

However, with a 3D mammogram, the loaf of bread is divided into 25 slices. These images are individually examined by a radiologist. With more visibility, breast cancer is easier to detect.

Why 3D
About Us

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Florida Mobile Mammography aka Invision Diagnostics of Florida provides

state-the-art 3D mobile mammography across the Southeast.

Medical Practices

Partnering with medical practices allowing them to provide a concierge diagnostic service to their patient


We specialize in providing onsite 3D mammography allowing employers to facilitate convenient screening services to their employees and family members

Community Events

Support breast cancer awareness and women's health at your next community event with our mobile unit


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Florida Mobile Mammography Aims to

Make Mammograms More Convenient


Johanna talks to the folks behind the Florida Mobile Mammography, and how they’re helping women get checked during the pandemic.

NBC 6 : Mammograms During The Pandemic

- Featuring our Managing Partner Kerry Lawrence


Kerry Lawrence explains why it’s never a bad time to get tested for something that could end up saving your life.

The center is impeccable and offers state of the art equipment. The staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and make you feel completely at ease, which is so important when having a mammogram. 

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Florida Mobile Mammography aka Invision Diagnostics of Florida is committed to making 3D screening mammography more accessible and convenient for all women. 

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